" "When reality depends on you, everything is true."


The buddha, the real sage, does not give rise to reality. And reality does not give rise to his mind.


Is it a vicious circle- mind and reality. Mind and the world.


Mind creates a certain world which is nothing but your projection.


And then that certain projection creates your mind.


And this way this vicious circle goes on


supporting each other:


your mind supports your projections,


your projections support your mind -


and you go on living in a hallucination.


The true sage, the Buddha, does not give rise to reality


and reality does not give rise to his mind.


And because both his mind and reality are still- he is always in Samadhi.


This is a beautiful definition of Samadhi.


When the mind is still and the reality is still,


when you are out of the vicious circle-


all is silence,


profound silence.


The word Samadhi has to be understood.


It means coming to a state of absolute equilibrium.


Coming to a state of absolute balance.


The word comes from Sanskrit


and Sanskrit is one of the languages in the world


which has words with profound meaning.


Not just dicitionary meaning,


but with existential meaning.


Other languages have only dictionary meanings.


Because Sanskrit is the only language in the whole world


who (that) was created by enlightened people.


It is a created language,


it has never been a language of the people.


There was no time when the whole country was speaking Sanskrit.


All other languages of the world had been used by people- at some time or other.


Many have become dead languages like Latin or Hebrew,.., many languages


which were once living languages have become dead.


But Sanskrit has never been a language of the people.


This is a very strange phenomenon:


it has been the language of the enlightened people.


Hence every word has two meanings:


One a dictionary meaning for the scholar-


and one the existential meaning for those who are in search of truth.


Osho (Youtube- Mind is the Greatest Enemy of Man)